You know how Mary Poppins floats in on the East wind right exactly when she is needed and efficiently, lovingly, oddly knows how to make things right?

It was funny to me when I realized that I kept doing that for those around me, over and over again. Floating in during some big event. Whether it be a marriage, a death, a move, a birth, an illness; I continued to show up at just the right time and fulfill that role in my loved ones’ lives.

As a Realtor, using my Mary Poppins super-powers is the perfect fit.

Knowing when to be firm, knowing when to be soft, knowing how to be creative in problem-solving.

Whether you are new, a transplant or a native to Portland, we all live here because we love it. Personally, I love our weirdness, our community, our creativity, our green areas, our pockets of amazing neighborhoods, our food, our sense that anything is possible.

I’m not simply selling dwellings.

I’m dealing with people’s lives and histories and stories and ancestry. I don’t want to just show you houses, I want to make finding your dream home an unforgettable experience. I don’t want to merely sell your house, I want to make the transition to the next stage a pleasant one.