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How to Sell Your Unique Home in Portland, Oregon

Portland is a very unique city, and it’s filled with unique homes and people. If you’re selling an extra-special home, it’s SO important that it’s treated with the honor and care that it deserves. When I help my sellers, my job is to make your ideal buyer go from LIKING your home to LOVING it. I want them to *gasp* when they see your home listed! 

In this video, I walk you through the process of how to sell your unique home in Portland: 

Watch the video for all the details! I’ve also included each step briefly outlined here: 

Step 1: Preparation

Curb appeal is a very real thing. When you’re preparing your unique Portland home for sale, I’m there to advise you on every step, whether it’s your landscaping or changing out a light fixture. We go room by room, space by space to create the best first impression possible, highlighting all of the awesome things about your home that a buyer will fall in love with. This process is tailored to each individual house, and I absolutely love this part of my job. 

Step 2: Staging

I’m so passionate about staging. Staging makes your house its best self, and it helps to attract the best buyer for your house. Staging might look like taking what you already have and augmenting it with some decor, taking some things away to leave a bit more blank space, or your house might be completely staged from top to bottom. 

Step 3: Photography + videography

Your house is a huge asset and investment for you, and the way we market your home online should be a good investment as well. Your home needs to shine online. iPhone photos will not cut it! I’m proud to say that I work with the best people in the business and they know exactly how to bring the best things out in your house. And that’s how we attract your perfect buyer! 

A unique house in Portland need to have a debut, a coming out, a launch into the world and we have one time to do that. 

Step 4: Market debut 

A unique house in Portland needs to have a fabulous debut—a coming out, a launch—and we have ONE chance to do that. All of your hard work to prep you home leads up to listing day, and it’s like a product launch. It’s a big deal! My job is to get your listing out into the world and make a splash, find you a great buyer, steer things to a smooth closing, and get you onto your next adventure. 


Can you tell I love working with sellers? I’m ready to help you make a plan to sell your unique home in Portland—get in touch with me here!