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Single Ladies

I love all my single ladies.

They kinda gravitate to me, almost as if they magically know that helping a woman embark on a new iteration of her baddest-self adds a little fuel to my fire.

This particular client found me on Instagram. Single gal, late-20s. As soon as we started interacting, I knew we were the same kind of peoples. She stood for adorable animals, and feminism, and social justice (what more do you need in life?).

She reached out.

Her story was that she was working a shitty job in Seattle, acknowledged that she was miserable…and then she connected with a Portland artist and started working for them. Suddenly she was able to make money while doing something she actually enjoyed.

Now she was ready to buy! Her dream was a condo, important that it was both safe and stable. However, when she got pre-approved, it was for way less than she had expected. She called me, in tears, saying that she didn’t want to waste my time, and that she was calling off the search. I told her I understood, I adore you, and I support you. We’ll get there someday.

Three days later, a tiny 450 square foot studio condo in a well-known artist collective hit the market. Yeah, I get that spidey-sense when I find a perfect match. I forwarded the listing, and said;

“Listen, I know you said you don’t want to look right now, but I kinda feel like this is your place, and you should go and see it (#lovebully).”

We went to the open house and she was struck. She wouldn’t have to have roommates to make payments, wouldn’t have to commute too far for work, all while living in a community of weirdos and artists. She was smitten.

We put in an offer (it didn’t take much to beat out a handful of others), and then we embarked on a bumpy transaction. It was hard on her, but she took it like a champ, and we reached move-in day. It’s been over a year, and I just got a text from her saying, “My neighbor just sold, a year after she’d bought, for $25k over what she’d purchased it for. I made the right choice, and you helped me make it. Grateful every day for you, and when I look around and see what you helped me achieve. How did I get so lucky?”

My buyer is on the HOA board now. She’s discovered the best way to jam your foot in the market, sit on it for a few years, and then sell and find a house.

Home always finds a way.

Perfection in a small space