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The Rainbow Connection

I scored these rad buyers from past clients who had found a house on our first day of looking, beating out a shit-ton of offers. So suffice to say, expectations were pretty high (you know I love a challenge). We met at my office, and I was immediately smitten. Brindley and Lauren were just so adorable. And Lauren had already gotten pre-approved with a great lender (A+ clienting). They legit weren’t fucking around, and immediately came out with; “soooo…we have our eye on a few houses already, do you have the time?”

This isn’t my typical MO, but they were so damn likable, I said the hell with it, let’s go! We saw a few houses where the listing photos were great, but the reality, notsomuch. As we were looking, we were also on our phones scoping out what else in the area was within range. One of us spotted a listing that looked promising, and when we walked in, we all got that goosebumpy feeling. That spooky lightbulb moment when you just know it is The One. And as we stepped out into the backyard, I turned to them and said, “You’re gonna get married in this backyard.” Firepit, deck, patio with bar, spot for future hot tub, fenced for privacy, huge yard with lots of sun exposure (Brindley owns and runs an awesome CSA, Tanager Farm, so sunshine is essential for gardening). The house was a million times better than anything they’d been seeing in that area. I knew that if they just got in there, they’d be so, so happy in this home.

Once again, we beat out multiple offers, battled over some appraisal issues, and ultimately won this home.

Jumps for joy on Key Day

The day I was to hand over the keys was one of those classic Portland Spring downpours, and – I shit you not – we pull up to their fabulous little Ranch with a goddamn double rainbow framing the roof of the house that now belonged to the cutest couple in the world. I told them that I literally paid the gods to do that, btw. They named it The Rainbow Ranch. That Fall, they had the most beautiful wedding in their stunner of a backyard. And – get this – the photo they sent me (taken by Green Chair Stories) of their very intimate wedding had a glorious double rainbow overhead. When I saw that photo of their wedding day, in their backyard, with the double rainbow = actual tears. Two huge life events bookended and blessed by rainbows.

HOW FUCKING CUTE ARE THEY!? I MEAN, C’MON. I love their story, and it’s only just begun.

Wedding day double rainbow bliss – photo courtesy of Green Chair Stories.