50 Local Portland Gifts Under $50: 2023

We’ve lost so many small businesses since the beginning of the pandemic, and our local artisans and entrepreneurs continue to heroically hang in there to stay afloat (hands up if at least one of your favorite small businesses has shuttered in the past 6 months). Let’s give them the boost they need while scoring super fucking cool gifts that our friends and family will actually love…

PROOF You Need a Stager: Four Jaw-Dropping Before & After Transformations

Portland Stager

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a staging evangelist, I will preach until my voice goes out about staging. So much so that I’ve written not one, but TWO blogs about the benefits of staging. If you read my previous blog post on Portland’s Best Stager and aren’t already convinced that Carrie Wilson is […]

Portland’s BEST Stager: Carrie Wilson of ROUGHHOUSE Co.

Carrie Wilson is the Stager you can’t sell without! Remember my blog post on the importance of staging? No? What are you doing, go check it out! We’ll be here, waiting to make your staging dreams come true…  More on this powerhouse team of women at my Instagram @laurengoche Welcome back! Now that you’re refreshed […]

50 Local Portland Gifts Under $50: 2022

$50 sure doesn’t stretch as far as it did when I first started these posts pre-pandemic, huh? But don’t worry, I’ve got you. After scouring the Internet and pounding the pavement, I’ve rustled up 50 bangin’ holiday gifting ideas for under $50 that are mostly local(ish) AND will cover everyone on your gift list…

50 Local Portland Gifts Under $50: 2021

One of the silver linings of living through a 2+ year (and ongoing) global pandemic is that we’ve all doubled down on shopping local. Yes, our neighborhood small businesses have been struggling – and sadly, we’ve lost a few – but so many of them continue to hang on, and that’s because of you. Seriously! By choosing to spend your money down the street, you’re helping a gutsy entrepreneur stay afloat during the most difficult economical challenge in modern history. Don’t stop now.

50 Local Portland Gifts Under $50

If you know me, you know I’m a big time supporter of shopping local. This came about initially because of the creative endeavors of my friends and family…but when I became a realtor, turns out I attracted industrious, artistic, entrepreneurial clients as well. Soon I was surrounded by hardworking, authentic folk making a living making […]