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PROOF You Need a Stager: Four Jaw-Dropping Before & After Transformations

Portland Stager
Portland Stager

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a staging evangelist, I will preach until my voice goes out about staging.

So much so that I’ve written not one, but TWO blogs about the benefits of staging. If you read my previous blog post on Portland’s Best Stager and aren’t already convinced that Carrie Wilson is the queen of staging, then get ready, cause shits about to get REAL.

Follow along for some before-and-after photos of homes that have been staged perfectly by ROUGHHOUSE. You are going to FALL IN LOVE with these homes… If you are considering selling your home in the near future, keep Carrie and my team in the front of your mind. She’ll spruce the place up, and I’ll have your home sold lickitysplit 😉

If you’re new here, I’m Lauren Goché — a Portland realtor with a decade of experience backing me up. Which means I’ve weathered more than a few market shifts over the course of my career, and specialize in making sure you can make the most of the market for your goals. Read more about me here.

1. Alberta Arts District Score

This property sold 12% above the listing price, in 5 days time!

Key features we highlighted through staging:

  • Central color palette throughout
  • Exceptional natural light with white decor
  • Curated “lived in” decor with books, angled chairs, and precisely cushions.

Let There Be Light

This project started just as the owners were packing up their home for a cross country move. We replaced the curtains and I swapped out some light fixtures to show off the TONS of natural light this home has to offer. Carrie then used her magic to craft an area perfect for gatherings– can’t you just imagine having your friends over and enjoying some delicious wine? I can!

Let There Be Light Continued… 

Notice how the living area flows perfectly into the dining area? It just makes sense, and that is key when trying to get a buyer to fantasize their new life in your home. 

Bonus points if you can spot this edition of “Where’s Lauren?”!

2. Absolute Banger of a Woodlawn MCM

This property sold for $670,103 , in 4 days time!

Key features we highlighted through staging:

  • Statement fireplace that creates focal point in living room
  • Exceptional natural light with white decor and updated curtains
  • Pops of color throughout to offset to offset neutral colors

A Pop of Color a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

What I love about Carrie’s staging are her signature pops of color. By accenting the fireplace with a bold turquoise, original artwork, and colorful pillows, buyers will stop and look for a few seconds longer. I find THAT to be the key to effective staging. Love it or hate it, it grabs buyer’s attention. It’s psychology y’all.

Break Out the Paddles

When I talk about how staging should create a fantasy for buyers, this is what comes to mind! When buyers look at this basement, they can clearly envision how to use this space. Neighborly ping pong tournament anyone?

3. Vintage Woodland Classic

This property sold 26% above the listing price, in 4 days time!

Key features we highlighted through staging:

  • A show stopping deep-turquoise exterior
  • Spruced up landscaping to increase curb appeal
  • A cohesive color story

Go Big or Go Home

From drab to fab, LITERALLY. Daisy Grattan (@housewitchpdx) picked out the exterior colors on this one, her grasp of color theory is out of this world (follow her on instagram here!). The buyers were a little nervous about this bold color choice, but in the end they were STOKED with the results. As you can see below, Daisy’s color choice completely transformed the personality of this house from easily overlooked to vibrant showstopper. 

Shout out to Bella Vista Painting and Drywall for this amazing paint job.

4. Kenton Bungalow Kismet

This property sold 20% above the listing price, in 4 days time!

Key features we highlighted through staging:

  • Bold abstract artwork and cohesive decor throughout
  • Cheerful indoor plants to create an inviting atmosphere
  • Patterned rugs to break up the space and add visual texture

Kill Them with Cuteness

Didn’t this turn out to be the freaking cutest living room ever? I can just imagine myself cozying up on the couch and getting whisked away in a new romance novel (dramatic sigh) with the perfect reading light. My experience in the industry has taught me that when it comes to finding buyers for your home, CUTE SELLS.

It’s All in The Details

I love Carrie’s addition of these abstract black and white artworks throughout the home. In the dining room you can see how adding black chairs and decor to match really creates a dynamic space for the eye. 

Room With a View

Isn’t this bedroom just ah-dorable? Carrie really knew how to make the most out of this small space by adding inviting houseplants (another one of her signatures), a patterned rug that breaks up the space, and a bed in the perfect area to soak in the stunning natural sunlight this room has to offer.

From Awkward Space to Cozy Corner

This might be hard to see, but the bed is placed right in this nook. Again, Carrie’s creativity turned an otherwise awkward corner into a dreamy abode, complete with a cozy seating area perfect for late night chats by the window.

Seeing is believing. Carrie is a KILLER stager, but doesn’t it ring even more true seeing these homes before she worked her magic? Combined with Carrie’s staging, Daisy and I advise on any other pieces of the puzzle; from paint colors, to new lighting fixtures, all the way to getting your landscaping in check– Our goal is always making your home look truly breathtaking, with as little stress to our sellers as possible. 

If you want to see more of our staging MAGIC, take a look at my listings HERE.

Check out this photoshoot with Carrie and I over on Instagram! @laurengoche

Looking to sell your unique Portland home this year? Connect with me and I will make sure we have Carrie on our team! – get in touch with me here. I will hook you up with Carrie Wilson of ROUGHHOUSE, and together we will help your home SHINE!