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How The Goché Team Formed

Lauren Goché and team. How the Goché team came together.
Lauren Goché and team. How the Goché team came together.

Hey there, it’s Lauren! If you’ve ever wondered how a top-notch real estate team like ours comes together, let me tell you—it’s all about finding the right people at the right time. Finding Daisy and Maria changed the trajectory of my business, and changed me as a business owner. Let’s pop the hood on this little dream team — you know you want a peek inside! 

A Bit About Me: The Real Estate Mary Poppins

You know how Mary Poppins floats in exactly when she’s needed? That’s been my role in my friends’ and family’s lives for as long as I can remember—showing up at just the right time during significant moments. So, when my business coach suggested building a team, it made perfect sense.

I don’t want to talk too much about me though, so you can read about me here, and stalk me on IG here.

Hitting a Wall: The Need for a Team

A few years ago, I hit a wall. The business was booming, and while that was a fantastic problem to have, I found myself exhausted, overworked, and past the brink of burnout. My business coach, Dana Corey, had been urging me for months to build a team. “You can’t do it all by yourself, Lauren,” she’d say. But I resisted. I didn’t want to lose control or compromise the quality of service I provided my clients.

Finally, the exhaustion got the best of me. I realized that if I wanted to continue giving my best to my clients, I needed help. That’s when I decided to take a sabbatical to Mexico in early 2022. To make that possible, I had to hire someone. I started putting out feelers, posting on job boards, and reaching out through social media.

Finding Daisy: The Multitalented Artist

Daisy was the first to join me. She was already licensed as a real estate agent, and though she was hesitant at first, a mutual friend suggested she apply. I was desperate for help, but I also knew I needed someone who shared my passion for real estate and my values. Daisy was perfect.

With a background in fine art and a hands-on approach to life, Daisy brought a unique perspective. She grew up in rural NorCal, but has been in Portland for over 25 years, and her diverse experiences—from fine arts background to designing handbags and owning a women’s clothing store, not to mention decades in the restaurant business—gave her a keen eye for design and a practical mindset.

Daisy joined me during a chaotic period, and it was trial by fire from the start, since I essentially hired her, and left for my sabbatical less than two months later. Her adaptability and resilience were impressive. She not only survived the chaos but thrived in it, bringing her creativity and myriad of skills to the team. It was Daisy who made me realize that I was so much happier with a team and that our clients were so much better taken care of. She’s passionate about real estate as a means of empowerment and social justice, which aligns perfectly with our team’s values.

In her spare time, Daisy is always creating—sewing, quilting, or getting her hands dirty in the garden. She’s a visual person who loves Portland’s galleries and exhibitions, always looking for beauty.

Finding Maria: The Passionate Newcomer

After a year with Daisy, I realized we needed another team member. We were still busy enough that we weren’t finding any work/life balance. This time, I wanted someone new to the industry who could bring fresh energy and enthusiasm. Someone I could teach from the ground up and ideally a person of color that I could bring into the industry (WE NEED SO MUCH MORE OF THIS). The real estate industry is sadly inherently racist and I was/am determined to do whatever I can to use my privilege to help as many folks of color to both build generational wealth through home ownership, and bring more folks into the real estate industry. That’s when I found Maria, a Philadelphia transplant with a compelling story.

Maria is a first-generation Vietnamese American whose family faced housing insecurity, which fueled her passion for helping others achieve homeownership. After moving to Portland in late 2020, she began dreaming of making homeownership accessible for others, especially first-generation buyers.

Maria had just passed her real estate exam when we found her. Her enthusiasm and potential were undeniable during the interview. I wanted someone who could grow with us, and Maria fit that role perfectly. Just before us, she had applied for a position on a friend’s real estate team, but wasn’t quite the right fit for that position, but my friend called me up, suggesting that I interview Maria for my team instead. Can I just say how lucky we all are that that happened?! Man, when the stars align, they align.

Creating a Cohesive Team

Building this team wasn’t just about hiring the first people who applied. It was about finding people who cared as deeply as I do and would complement each other’s strengths. I made sure Daisy and Maria met over coffee and liked each other before finalizing any decisions. I wasn’t willing to move forward unless they saw real potential in each other. Their chemistry was immediate, and they clicked right away.

Each member brings something unique to the table: I bring extensive experience and vision, Daisy contributes her design skills and adaptability, and Maria offers fresh enthusiasm and new ideas. Together, we’ve built a supportive, successful, and ever-evolving team.

Our Experiences: The Right Fit

Daisy’s Perspective:

When I first joined the team, it was an exhilarating yet chaotic time. The pace was intense, but I felt prepared. I loved the challenge and the opportunity to use my skills in design and house knowledge to help streamline our processes.

Working with Lauren has been a great experience. She values creativity and understands the importance of aesthetics in real estate, which aligns perfectly with my passion for design. Beyond that, we share a commitment to social justice and empowering others through real estate, making our collaboration even more meaningful.

The team environment is supportive and collaborative. I appreciate how we all bring different strengths to the table, and our combined efforts make us stronger. In my spare time, I still indulge in my creative pursuits—sewing, quilting, and gardening. Portland’s vibrant arts scene is a constant source of inspiration for me.

Maria’s Perspective:

Meeting Lauren and joining the team has been a life-changing experience for me. I was super nervous going into my interview with Lauren, but luckily we got along easily! We talked about my background and my desire to break into the real estate industry, and from the start I could tell that there is so much to learn from a seasoned professional like Lauren. Her encouragement and belief in my potential left me feeling inspired and empowered. To this day, I still feel that way after our weekly team meetings! 

Though it’s only been almost two years, it feels like a lifetime ago that I first joined up with Lauren and Daisy. Since then, I’ve been able to grow both professionally and personally, thanks to all of the support and mentorship they’ve given me. They challenge me to be the best I can be, and they’re always cheering me on (hence why I call them my realtor moms)! I genuinely love our team dynamic – we all bring such unique perspectives and our strengths complement each other perfectly. I’m eternally grateful to have the opportunity to learn and grow from these incredible ladies ☺ Outside of work, I like to spend my time exploring Portland’s vast food scene, thrifting, playing video games, hiking, and spoiling my dog, Heidi. I actually just bought my first house this year, so lately most of my time is spent finding projects to do around the house and yard!

What I’ve Learned from Daisy and Maria

Working with Daisy and Maria has been an incredible learning experience for me. Daisy has a completely different brain than I do, and this has shown me that what works for one person might not work for another. This realization has been crucial in figuring out how to create systems that accommodate our diverse ways of thinking. Daisy has taught me a lot about design and color, and her passion for plants and aesthetics has been incredibly handy in our work. Her unique perspective and creative approach to problem-solving have enriched our team and made us more versatile.

Maria, on the other hand, has been a wonderful reminder of what it’s like to be new in the industry. Her background and experiences are quite different from mine, and this has been enlightening. Working with Maria has taught me to approach situations with more empathy and patience. She’s a bit more reserved, which contrasts with my more direct style, and learning to communicate effectively with her has been an ongoing, rewarding challenge. Her enthusiasm and fresh perspective have reinvigorated my own passion for real estate.

Together, Daisy and Maria have helped me understand the value of different minds and styles. Our varied approaches to problem-solving and our diverse backgrounds create a stronger, more dynamic team. We complement each other perfectly, and this synergy allows us to support each other through every challenge and celebrate every success. I’m incredibly proud of how far we’ve come as a team and excited about the future. We’re not just colleagues; we’re a family, continually learning from one another and growing stronger together.

Looking Ahead

Our goal is to continue growing, but in a way that benefits everyone. We want to avoid burnout and keep our passion for real estate alive. For me, it’s about mentoring and helping others succeed. Daisy dreams of finding calm in her real estate career and balancing that with her love for gardening, and Maria is eager to keep learning and growing.

We’re here to make finding your dream home an unforgettable experience and to make your transition to the next stage in life a pleasant one. Whether you’re buying your first home or relocating, we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Here’s to the future and many more adventures together!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach out if you need any real estate advice or just want to chat about Portland’s best eats!