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“I’m Thinking About Buying A House…”

Thinking of buying a house
Thinking of buying a house

When I hear someone even whisper “I’m Thinking About Buying A House…” I want to look them straight in the eyes and say, “Hold up.”

If I could get my potential buyers to take one – and only one – piece of advice when it comes to buying their first home, it is literally to contact one of my fantastic lenders the minute you think you want to buy a house.

This is a completely free, no obligation whatsoever move that will help you figure out how and when to take steps for your future. Even if you don’t plan on buying for years.

YEARS. I would so much rather everyone know exactly what it takes well ahead of time, instead of getting pre-approved just as you’re ready to pull the trigger…and learning that you should have done some things differently. It’ll save you so much heartbreak, seriously.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about it:

“This is such good advice, as it just happened to us. We were holding off on getting pre-approved, ticking off our own checklist. Now, we find we were focused on all the wrong things, which has now delayed us for over a month. For example, I was worried about my credit score dropping when I applied, and refused to apply until it was higher – only to find out this wasn’t even an issue. Instead, it turns out I have to consolidate my 35 student loans (!), which is a 45 day process.”

A badass lender will anticipate these snags and help you work to resolve them ahead of time. They have the experience and foresight to clear a path from you to your new front door, removing all those unanticipated obstacles that occur in nearly every transaction.

A badass realtor will never let you step foot inside a house without first being pre-approved. They also have worked with countless Portland lenders, and know which ones are the very best. We hoard them like pirate’s booty.

So when I refer you to a lender, know that I’m doing so with your best interests in mind. One of my top shelf, tried-and-true lenders can and will make this process 100% easier on everyone involved. Believe me, having one of the very best lenders is key to success. Just trust me on this, okay? Okay.

Now, let’s find your house.