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Lauren Goche, Daisy Grattan, and Maria Ta
Lauren Goche, Daisy Grattan, and Maria Ta

I’m sure you’ve noticed some changes happening around here lately. If you haven’t, let me enlighten you — I’ve added two BADASS women to my team! Yup, this ain’t just about me, Lauren, the solo rider anymore. We’re a whole f***ing team now! and I’m finally getting the hang of it.

I am so thrilled have Daisy Grattan (IG: @housewitchpdx) and Maria Ta (IG:@hanhstayshome) as part of Team Goché (Yeah, we are still looking for a better team name, if you have suggestions!); together we make a powerful trio with *impeccable* vibes. If someone went back in time a few years and told me that I would be working in a team, I’m not sure I’d believe them — sometimes you just get so used to relying on yourself that you forget to ask for help. 

But let me tell you, working with these kickass women, whose values align so perfectly with mine (and our clients’), has been an absolute dream. They’ve taken our clients’ success to new heights and made me fall even more in love with my job!

Without further ado, meet Team Goché!

If you’re new here, I’m Lauren Goché — a Portland realtor with a decade of experience backing me up. Which means I’ve weathered more than a few market shifts over the course of my career, and specialize in making sure you can make the most of the market for your goals. Read more about me here.

Daisy Grattan

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Growing up in rural Northern California, I’m the descendant of Midwestern farmers and someone who loves to get their hands dirty — both figuratively and literally. My education in fine art enhanced my appreciation for beauty and design, honing and refining it to become a true passion. From mastering the art of portraits painting, handbag design, serving in restaurants, floristry, and owning my own women’s clothing store — you name it, I’ve done it! 

Armed with two decades worth of knowledge about this amazing city and the many incredible neighborhoods here in Portland — not only have I put down deep roots but also come to understand why having somewhere we can call our own is so important; as shelter from life’s storms or a place to anchor our dreams.

I’m a firm believer that real estate is power and it’s important to acknowledge its use in marginalizing people. When investing or working with property ownership, there are no neutral territories — that’s why I am adamant about connecting with those whose views align with my own. So when I saw Lauren, someone who is just as outspoken about her beliefs, was hiring, the rest was history! 

In my spare moments, I’m always creating something with my hands, whether it’s sewing, quilting, or gardening (I just need my hands in some dirt!). And as a super visual person, I’m always on the lookout for Portland’s best galleries and exhibitions — never missing an opportunity to fill my eyes with beauty!

What Daisy’s Doing for You:

Daisy is our go-to for listings and the selling/buying process. Having recently done the sell/buy shuffle (and did it with kids and pets, a whole other layer), she brings a super valuable perspective. On top of that, she knows what makes listings look extra special,  her eye for aesthetics is unparalleled. Just check out her amazing exterior color choice for Vintage Woodlawn Classic  featured in our Before & After Staging Blog — It completely transformed the property into a showstopper! 

Maria Ta 

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As a first-generation Vietnamese American hailing from Philadelphia, I grew up in a family that faced numerous instances of housing insecurity. When the pandemic hit, I decided to embark on a journey—a leap of faith that led me across the country. 

In late 2020, I arrived in Portland, and ever since, I haven’t looked back. In fact, my time here sparked dreams of home ownership — an aspiration that often feels impossible and out of reach for many first-generation individuals who grew up in tumultuous housing markets and uncertain economies, myself included. And that is precisely why I am dedicated to working with buyers! Assisting people in realizing their home ownership goals, whether they are first-time buyers or individuals relocating from out of state, resonates deeply with me because I can personally relate.

When I’m not diligently scouring the market for new listings, you’ll find me exploring Portland’s magnificent culinary scene (currently on a mission to find the best Philly cheesesteak in the area), indulging in video games on my PC, discovering new hiking trails or cliff-diving spots, and enjoying leisurely moments with my beloved dog, Heidi.

What Maria’s Doing for You:

Maria’s focus is on buyers, specifically folks who are only buying, not selling. She has an infectious enthusiasm for helping first-time home buyers turn their dreams into reality. She brings passion and expertise to every transaction, empowering them with the knowledge they need to make wise investments. 

Our Journey Ahead

On my journey to becoming a real estate agent — and a damned good one at that — I realized something special: when you stand your ground, do what you believe in, and stop giving a shit about pleasing everyone, MAGIC starts to happen.

That’s why I’m truly inspired by our team; We’re a diverse bunch, coming from different backgrounds, but we share a common passion for making real estate accessible to everyone and giving unfair power structures a big, fat middle finger. We’re not in real estate for just another payday — we’re about transforming this city into somewhere better that benefits us all.

So get ready to see us a whole lot more!

Ready to make some real estate magic happen in Portland? Whether you’re itching to buy or sell a home, we’re the dream team you need by your side. Let’s make it happen — get in touch with us here.